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Gayle Benson Plots Out Saints, Pelicans New Orleans’ Future

The team's owner wants them to remain in New Orleans after she passes away. Gayle Benson, the 74-year-old owner of the National Football League’s New...

NFL, NBA, New Orleans And Another Hurricane Assessment

In 2005, New Orleans looked like it was done as a Major League city. On August 30th, 2005, New Orleans' future as a home for...

Mike Foster Kept The Saints In New Orleans

Foster gave into Benson's demands. Mike Foster passed away at the age of 90 this past week. Foster owns a special place in the politics...

The Superdome Is Going To Get Yet Another Facelift

The gift that keeps giving. One day some Louisiana bureaucrat is going to do some math and figure out just how much money...

San Antonio Is About Ready To Conduct A Study To See...

Looking to be Bigger League. It appears that San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg is ready to spend some money to update a 2011...

Time For Another Superdome Renovation

The New Orleans Superdome is again in bad shape. That is what Louisiana residents are being told but it’s not in the post-Katrina bad shape where a hurricane did great damage to the building.

London Calling Are Expiring Lease NFL Owners Listening?

The NFL is answering   Mark Waller is of the belief that the National Football League could have a permanent franchise in London maybe as soon...
jj watt

Texans Need To Not Play At Houston Stadium For A While

J. J. Watt has the right idea. The Houston Texans player J. J. Watt has it right, he is trying to raise money to help...

Houston Should Be Out Of The Sports Business For A While

Houston does not need to host any sports this week.   Hurricane Harvey’s devastation in the Houston and Southeast Texas area is a reminder that sports...