Sunday, September 24, 2023

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Bach Blames Media For Olympics Failing To Find Host Cities

It seems the International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach is comfortable going after the news media and blaming the fourth estate for the problems that the IOC is encountering finding host cities that will gladly invest billions of dollars, euros and yen, into a two week sports pageantry that is at best a loss leader.

Russia Wins Over The Heads Of FIFA And The IOC

That Vladimir Putin must be quite the charmer. The Russian President is back in the good graces of the head of soccer’s governing body, FIFA, and the President of the International Olympic Committee.

Thomas Bach Is No Diplomat Nor Is Dennis Rodman

Peace in our time? Not quite.   International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach took a victory lap after the announcement came down that the United States...

Does Anyone Want The 2026 Winter Olympics?

It appears that the backers of the 2026 Sapporo, Japan Winter Olympics bid really don’t want to go ahead with the bid. The Sapporo backers may want to try to land the 2030 Winter Games but there really isn’t much of an explanation as to why the group is seeking a delay.

Thomas Bach And The IOC Are On A Roll

It is all about the money.   It has been a good month for the International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach. He has been to North...

No Thomas Bach You Have Not Opened The Door To Peace...

Peace in our time? Hardly.   Thomas Bach, who is the President of the International Olympic Committee, is not as important as he would have you...

A Bizarre Political Week In Sports

It's all about Russia.   This has been a bizarre week by sports standards. Last Thursday, one of the National Hockey League’s biggest stars, Russia’s Alex...
Thomas Bach

International Olympic Committee Seems To Have Forgotten Puerto Rico

Thomas Bach is mute about Puerto Rico. The International Olympic Committee prides itself on being a player on the world stage and in fact in...
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France Undecided About Participating In South Korea Olympics

Countries are rethinking Olympics participation in South Korea because of rising tensions between the US and North Korea. Just in case you didn’t see this,...

North Korea Missile Testing Impacts Olympics

The 2018 Winter Olympics is in South Korea.   North Korea’s missile launch over Japan has sent a chilling message to both the United States and...