Tuesday, August 20, 2019
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Florida News: Thunderdome Labs

Thunderdome Labs and the Strange Case of the TOOTBLAN

Beyond the obvious scrapping of traditional pitching roles to count outs and get through games with Openers and “Johnny Wholestaff,” the Rays are a team of baseball science. It’s time to look at one of their smaller experiments: Is caution on the basepaths overrated?

Thunderdome Labs On the Opener and Bullpen Days

The Tampa Bay Rays are trying something nobody else has really done before: Devoting multiple spots in the traditional "rotation" to bullpen days. Breaking down the logic behind it, there's reason to believe it could pay off.
Tampa Bay Rays

How the Rays Turned the Trop Into Thunderdome Labs

Introducing our new report on the Rays' ongoing experiment in mad baseball science: Thunderdome Labs.
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