Thursday, December 2, 2021

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It Is Hurry Up And Wait Time For Seattle In Getting...

It is probably just a matter of weeks until Seattle gets the word that they are in the NHL beginning in 2020 or in slightly later. The National Hockey League could be involved with a collective bargaining agreement problem and there could be yet another lockout delaying Seattle’s first game.

Montreal Holds Getting To Know You Baseball Session

The first getting to know you meeting with potential owners of a Montreal Major League Baseball team and Mayor Valerie Plante took place last week and Plante seems open to support Stephen Bronfman and Mitch Garber’s plan to bring a team back to the city.

Will The NFL Change How It Selects The Super Bowl Host?

The Super Bowl is America’s sports crown jewel event. It is a big deal in many senses from the pageantry of the game to parties in the host city to being the most watched TV show on the American calendar every year.

NFL Owners Look For Reasons For Less Interest In The Product

Money Talks.   The National Football League owners meeting should be interesting for those who have been looking at the diminishing interest in the league narrative....

NCAA Should Quit The Student-Athlete Fable

Shamateurism at its finest.   As March Madness continues, the NCAA has a big problem because of its insistence that college athletes should not be paid....

Players In Three Sports Are Angry With The Owners

Will there be a revolt in the NHL, NFL and Major League Baseball by the players?   In the event you have not noticed, there are...

Storm Clouds Building Over Football Fields

Football's problems are not going away.   The Thanksgiving weekend football celebration began with the annual Thursday Detroit Lions afternoon game, followed by the Dallas Cowboys...

Stream On! How To Watch The U.S. Open At Work Or...

The final major of the 2017 tennis season is the U.S. Open at the United States Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows, New York. The crowds are loud, rowdy and always involved in every match on the grounds of the tennis center.
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NFL’s TV Ratings Continue To Slump

The NFL Remains Popular But Has Lost Some Support   It’s early and there should be no reason for panic at NFL headquarters and at the...

New Tennis Tournament Proposed Starting In 2018

The backers of a new tennis competition hope players such as Serena Williams will play in the World Cup.   While John McEnroe was talking about...