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Top Five Reasons Why The UFC Is Losing Popularity

There are many reasons why the UFC isn't as popular now as it was a couple years ago.  Here are the top five reasons why it is possible we have already seen the best of the UFC and unless the UFC fixes the problems listed below, we may have already seen the best of what the UFC has to offer.

Conor McGregor Is Back… Sort of

McGregor Releases New Commercial With Burger King Conor McGregor was back in the limelight Monday, but not for the reasons most of us wanted.  McGregor...

Why UFC 217 Was One Of The Greatest Cards Ever

A Card With Plenty Of Finishes And Great Fights UFC 217 will be an event that fighters, the organization and fans will never forget.  All...

Five Reasons To Watch UFC 217

He's baaaack....One of the greatest fighters to ever step inside the octagon returns after a four-year hiatus. When Georges St-Pierre announced he was taking time off in November 2013, many were unsure if we would ever see the nine-time defending welterweight champion fight in the UFC again.

Joe Rogan Hears Tickets Sales For UFC 217 Aren’t Great

The UFC Commentator Spoke About UFC 217 On His Podcast UFC Commentator Joe Rogan has one of the most popular podcasts in the world and...

Why Doesn’t Anybody Care About Bisping/GSP?

The Main Event For UFC 217 Isn't Getting Any Love Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping has had quite the career. For much it, he was a...