Friday, September 24, 2021

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NFL Targets Germany And Canada For International Games

Stuck in a rut. The National Football League has finished its London portion of the 2019 season and had one more International Series contest...

The IOC Needs Voters To Like The Olympics

Keep sending us money. The 2026 Winter Olympics will be held in Milan and Cortina, Italy which must come as a relief to the International...

Some People In Portland, Oregon Want A Major League Baseball Team...

Is Portland really a good MLB market? For some reason, there is some sense of urgency in Portland, Oregon to land a Major...

Remember When Sports Leagues Detested Gambling?

The owners have embraced sports gambling. Remember when sports leagues were so opposed to gambling that sports leagues and amateur organizations such as...
Rob Manfred

Nashville Money Man Wants A Major League Baseball Team

MLB is not expanding quite yet. Major League Baseball has no immediate plans to add teams as the business first has to settle...

NBA Says Hello How Are You To Seattle

National Basketball Association pre-season games are being played and in a sense, the pre-season is a reminder of what the National Basketball Association of the 1950s was like. Anyone willing to throw down a basketball floor could land a game.

Never Too Early To Plan Ahead For A Future World Cup

As the 2018 FIFA World Cup winds down, Tunisia sent out a reminder recently that it is never too early to plan ahead and try to get FIFA to choose you for a World Cup more than a decade away.

Las Vegas Says No To Hosting A 2026 World Cup Match

The NHL’s Vegas Golden Knights franchise will be joined by the NFL’s Mark Davis Raiders in two years, the NBA has a summer development league in town and Major League Baseball might be interested in at least kicking the tires and take a look at the city in the event there is an expansion or relocation opportunity in the future.

Seattle Should Get A Conditional NHL Franchise Today

The National Hockey League could grant Seattle a conditional franchise today. But the people behind the Seattle NHL expansion bid already have NHL ties so it would be fairly hard for the NHL to say listen Oak View Group we thank you for your expansion fee but no thanks.

Did The Movers And Shakers Behind the 2026 World Cup...

The 2026 World Cup is coming to North America. United 2026 gave into FIFA’s demands. All the North American stadiums that will host the matches must have grass fields.