Wednesday, July 28, 2021

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Virginia Really Wants Daniel Snyder’s NFL Washington Team

Because it is never too early to plan the next stadium for a professional sports franchise, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has suggested that Daniel Snyder should consider his state as a landing site for his Washington National Football League franchise and Northam has picked out a place for the facility.

South Regional Preview: Wildcats Galvanized

The South Region consists of the #1 overall and hottest team in America in Virginia, but it also has quite possibly the toughest region...

The Football Stadium Games Never Take Time Off

A Quick One, While You Were Away.   The 2018 Super Bowl is history but that doesn’t mean life is on hiatus for the league. In...

The Virginia Squires Basketball Team Remains Out Of Business

Julius Erving once played for the Virginia Squires.   It is back to the drawing board for those in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area hoping to...

U. N. Raises Question About The US Fitness To Host The...

The UN has some concerns.     The 131st International Olympic Committee Session is underway in Lima, Peru and it is expected that International Olympic Committee delegates...

Is LA Really Qualified For The Olympics?

Does the United States live up to the IOC's mission statement?   If the International Olympic Committee voting delegates had any moral turpitude, and were not...