Los Angeles Olympic Committee Wants Salt Lake City To End A 2026 Olympics Bid

Casey Wasserman tells potential Salt Lake City 2026 Winter Olympics Bidders not so fast.




You know all of those International Olympic Committee ideals, legacy, a brotherhood and sisterhood of people, peace and love. When it comes to money, that goes out the window fast. It seems the Los Angeles 2028 Summer Olympic backers really want no competition for whatever corporate Olympic money that would flow into their business and the LA bosses and not too thrilled that there are some people in Utah who see the 2026 Winter Games as some sort of major prize.

The LA people have issued a not so friendly reminder that perhaps Salt Lake City Olympics backers should go home and dream about perhaps 2030 or 2034 as a good target for their wishes.  Casey Wasserman, who is the chairman of the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics still waves the American flag while issuing a challenge to the Salt Lake City dreamers. “It’s not up for us to decide whether those cities in the US want to participate but certainly before they formally bid it will require a lot of conversation and a deep understanding of how that would affect us, how that would create challenges and how that might create opportunities,”  Wasserman said. “Twenty-six is complicated, obviously. There are real challenges from a timing perspective, two years before us. But I think our approach has been, the Olympic Games, whether Summer or Winter, are good for American athletes. Our intent is to be a good partner to the USOC and American athletes.” Sure Casey. The complications start with government money. California is set to sink in at least a half a billion dollars with half coming from Los Angeles and the other half from the state for 2028. The problems begin with federal money and it starts with securing a major long-term event such as the Olympics and Paralympics. Then there are corporate partners. It’s all about money. Money talks lofty goals don’t.



Los Angeles 2028 Olympic backers want Salt Lake City 2026 Olympic bidders to back off.