Municipal Sports Spending Is Out Of Whack

A quarter of a century ago, Howard Cosell noted that “sports was out of whack.” Nevada is putting up $750 million in subsidies for a football stadium, the largest sports hand out in American history. Sports has gone beyond being out of whack.



The state of Nevada is now the United States heavyweight champion in handing out sports subsidies. The state will be giving Mark Davis and his Las Vegas Raiders partners at least $750 million in seed money for a Las Vegas Raiders stadium. It is the cost of doing business and sets a new threshold for cities and states that want in on the big league carousel.

Nevada has been a particular problem for the NFL but $750 million goes a long way to get rid of the odor of gambling. The NFL didn’t anything to do with Las Vegas until the league was shown the money. In the past the league told a broadcast partner no Las Vegas tourism ad during the Super Bowl presentation. The league which fought legalized sports books in Delaware and New Jersey has no moral ground to stand on in denying those states the ability to operate a sports book.

The league also knows getting $750 million from an area desperate for a team is a fluke but a new price has been established for doing business. If a city wants to be big league, show the money as Las Vegas and Nevada did.


Money trumps pleas all the time in the NFL