Rhode Island Still Trying To Get A Minor League Stadium Deal

The best money offer wins.




The 2018 Minor League Baseball season has a long way to go but that doesn’t mean minor league baseball team owners are not looking ahead. The owners of the Pawtucket Red Sox, Boston’s Triple A International League affiliate still want a new stadium in the Rhode Island city. There are politicians in Rhode Island who would like to work out a deal to pour taxpayers money into a new facility that would look like Fenway Park in Boston. There are also politicians in Worcester, Massachusetts who are willing to spend money to get the Pawtucket Red Sox owners to relocate to the Massachusetts city west of Boston. There are some questions that need to be raised. Since Minor League Baseball operators and Major League Baseball is now protected from having to pay a minimum wage for seasonal employees, minor league players, why do the Pawtucket Red Sox owners or any minor league owners need a place with all sorts of revenue generating gadgets? Is public money subsidizing the team or is it going the owners’ wallet?

Pawtucket’s owners wanted Rhode Island taxpayers to put up $44 million to help build the stadium. The Pawtucket Red Sox owners think they can use an outdoor facility 365 days a year, Pawtucket has harsh winters, and the owners also want to develop land around the stadium complete with a hotel along with retail and residential space. How much property tax will be paid and how many incentives Rhode Island will have to hand out have not been answered. Minor league baseball doesn’t produce much economic impact and offers only per diem jobs. A new stadium will mean higher prices for customers who can afford luxury boxes and club seats with valet parking which make money for owners. Pawtucket Red Sox ownership wants customers not fans. Meanwhile, Worcester is keeping the pressure up on the Rhode Island city. City leaders want the team.


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