Some of the Best Arsenal Players that You Might Want to Know Of Now.

Only the ones living under a rock might not have heard of Arsenal, a football team that has been blessed with many accolades, achievements and some of the best players of all time. Over the years, the team has achieved several milestones, most of which were the result of the hard work and talent of the players. Therefore, if one truly has to learn about a team, understanding the history and performance of the players becomes a mandate. Plus, if you are keen on betting on a team or your favorite players on sites like, understanding the performance of some of the best players of all time might come in handy. In a similar vein, in the article that we have here today, we shall talk about some of the best Arsenal players of all time. Some of these players might have contributed to a single moment of terrific achievement, while others might have contributed years of dedicated service. Either way, what is consistent is the love and adulation that fans have for these players. Thus, without any more delay, let us now take a look at some of these players and learn about their contribution to the brilliant team.

Sylvinho has a significant contribution to the team’s success, and he is often considered to be an astute defender who performed exceptionally well in the final third of the match. One of his long-range goals is eulogized even today. The goal was against Chelsea and is something that football fans talk about whenever they discuss about the best goals in the history of football.

However, Sylvinho’s association with Arsenal lasted only for a brief period. But for the years that he played, he remained irreplaceable and celebrated by his teammates.

Laurent Koscielny:

The next player that we deemed fit to include in this article is Laurent Koscielny. When Koscielny made an entry into the team, he was not much of a known figure. However, now when you take his name, football fans shall recognize him at once as one of the best defenders that the team ever had. One of the most striking or perhaps the best feature of Laurent Koscielny is his speed. He could close down on strikers from nowhere and pose a challenge to them making a clean goal. The partnership he shared with Per Mertesacker was one of a kind and perhaps the best that Arsenal had ever seen in recent years.

Aaron Ramsey:

Aaron Ramsey, a goalscoring machine and midfielder, definitely grabs the third spot on this article. Till the time he was with Arsenal, he had performed his very best, and that is why despite no longer being associated with the team anymore, his name shines bright in Arsenal’s hall of fame. Not many would know about this, but he had suffered a grave leg injury when he was young. This makes his performance even more worth all the celebration and astonishment.

The fourth player that we have included in this article is Davor Suker. Suker, with his incredible performance and mettle, has stood tall and strong in the team and etched a permanent place in the team even though he is no longer a part of it anymore. He has been a devastating finisher in his time and has been unrivalled in his performance. Davor Suker does not play in Arsenal anymore, but an article talking about the best Arsenal players of all time shall be incomplete without mentioning his name.

Viv Anderson:

Next up, we have Viv Anderson on the list and for good enough reasons. He joined the Arsenal from Nottingham Forest and instantly drove the team to massive success. He even helped Arsenal win the 1987 League Cup. However, unfortunately, his journey with the team ended shortly after that, and he became a part of Manchester United when Sir Alex Ferguson signed him on.

Emmanuel Adebayor:

Not many of you might know of him, but when talking about Arsenal’s best players of all time, it is mandatory to include Emmanuel Adebayor. His achievements with the team have been very many, and that is what makes him a worthy inclusion in this article. After Thierry Henry’s departure from the team, experts argued that it shall be difficult to replace him. However, Adebayor proved them wrong and scored 30 goals in the season that followed. However, things went awry with his fans and manager because of a few of his personal issues, and his potential remained untapped by the team.

Dennis Bergkamp:

An icon that he is, Dennis Bergkamp is often credited with transforming all that people knew and assumed about Arsenal. He led the team to a number of victories, and the team that was once deemed as nothing but boring, flourished under his imaginative leadership. Bergkamp’s individual achievements might not be something that you want to talk about, but he pushed Arsenal to scale new heights and become one of the most successful teams ever

Thierry Henry:

Thierry Henry is unarguably the best goal scorer in the history of the team. However, he was known for much more than just his goals. His invention and grace on the field was something to look forward to. Many would rightly call him an artist and not just a footballer. He used his physical and technical gifts to the best of his abilities, and this is what intimidated the defenders. Therefore, Thierry Henry was not just a footballer but also an artist and an inventor.

Wrapping Up:

These were some of the best players of Arsenal of all time. There are obviously many more players that we could not mention in the article. However, the ones that we have mentioned in here are also the ones you must absolutely know about before calling yourself a dedicated fan of the team. Many more players shall join the team further along the years, but the ones that we have mentioned here shall always shine brightly on Arsenal’s horizon.