Treating Athletes Like Criminals

McGwire and Sosa were suspected of doping.



It appears that the people who run international sporting events really want to treat athletes like criminals complete with the equivalent of using GPS devices to track down athletes so they can be drug tested for illegal substances. The overseers of major events such as the Olympics want to make sure the money train keeps going and that athletes doing drugs are caught, not necessarily to protect the health of athletes because the overseers of sports really don’t care about the health of athletes. All they care about is a constant money flow from television, marketing partners, governments either through outright cash handouts or tax incentives. Showing the partners that so-called cheating, it is really athlete’s breaking the law using banned and illegal substances, is being stopped keeps the money stream going uninterrupted.

A recent anti-doping gathering in Switzerland featuring numerous people involved in sports and came up with some suggestions that stretch the bounds of medical privacy. The notions included using a GPS system to track athletes’ movements to make it easier to find athletes for their drug testing. Right now people track down athletes at any time of the day for drug testing. It is part of the athlete-overseer agreement. You want to play, you better give up privacy and that allows drug testing anywhere in the world at any time of the day. Sports anti-doping groups are working with scientists to develop some microchip to be placed on a keychain to find athletes. There would also be tests where blood is drawn. There would also be public humiliation and shaming of athletes caught using illegal drugs but no jail sentences for breaking laws. All in the name of cleaning up sports. The overseers have no problem treating athletes as criminals, guilty until proven innocent yet the same overseers have no problem shaking down cities for their athletic events.

The IOC wants drug testing.