Deion Sanders has been offered the Colorado job. But is he holding out to see what USF is offering?

As the University of South Florida fans continue to pray that the next Bulls head coach is Deion Sanders it seems “Coach Prime,” has been offered the Colorado job according to multiple sources. What we don’t know is if South Florida has also made an offer to Sanders.

We do know Sanders would like a job in Florida, but Colorado is in the Pac-12 a Power 5 job with plenty of perks that the Bulls might not be able to offer, that said it is not over with Sanders to he puts ink to paper.

We do know as soon as this week USF Vice President of Athletics Mike Kelly would like to announce the most important coaching hire for the Bulls football program since it began. If it is not Sanders, Kelly has a number of topflight college and pro assistant coaches on his wish list. He is well respected throughout the college football world and his contacts are impressive as well as deep, so he knows this hire needs to be a win now man, there is no time for a total rebuild.

There are some very talented players on the Bulls roster so a new coach who can work the College Football Transfer Portal starts Dec. 5 and closes 45 days later Jan. 18, 2023 to bolster the roster and you can do that while at the same time as you start your recruiting.

The Bulls missed out on moving up to the Big 12 to join Central Florida, Cincinnati, and Houston starting in 2023 but my contacts in the conference have not given up on USF joining later as adding another school or two in the east. Right now, they are looking west to see what happens to the Pac-12 now that USC and UCLA are heading to the Big Ten.

Right now, the future of the Pac 12 rests on TV media deals and USF fans need that deal to be better or at least as good as the new Big 12 deal. That deal with ESPN and FOX Sports a six-year, $2.28 billion contract extension that includes a sizable pay bump for schools the new contract, which takes hold starting in 2025,

If the deal is good enough then Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, and Utah won’t go conference shopping. It would keep Cal, Oregon, Stanford and Washington from trying to talk the Big Ten to add them.   

For now, USF  must work very hard to become the best program in the American Athletic Conference, besting Memphis, Tulsa, East Carolina, Southern Methodist, Temple, Tulane, and the United States Naval Academy are being joined by new members Charlotte, Florida Atlantic, North Texas, Rice, UAB and UTSA.

Ruling the AAC would be key since the College Footballl Playoffs will be expanding giving non Power 5 conferences a shot at making a national splash.

Being the best team in the AAC is a must and that is not just winning on the football field but on the basketball court as well as across the board. For now, USF needs to get fan support build that on campus stadium, and be ready when the next round of conference realignment comes.