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NBA Expansion Is Still Years Away

NBA beat reporters seem to think expansion is imminent. So called “NBA Insiders”, the reporters who are spoon fed stories in more of a public...

MLB Owners, Players And The CBA: It’s Just Business

It is nothing personal. Sports is a business, nothing more, nothing less. Major League Baseball owners could be shutting down its business side in regards...

MLB’s Winter Of Discontent Will Start Soon

Baseball fans don't matter. You have to hand it to Major League Baseball owners for the holiday presents that they are about to give baseball...

Manfred Claims The Atlanta Braves Name Is Going Nowhere

But names have been changed in the past. As the World Series winds down and Major League Baseball heads into an off season of uncertainty...

MLB Owners, Players Gear Up For An Off Season Sparring Session

A new collective bargaining agreement is needed. Major League Baseball’s regular season is nearing its end with the playoffs starting on October 5th. Once the...

Nashville MLB Bidders Remind People They Still Want A Team

MLB is not in an expansion mode. Every once in a while, the group that wants to bring Major League Baseball to Nashville will remind...

Labor Day: 2021 Sports Edition

Major League Baseball has an expiring CBA. It is Labor Day in the United States and in Canada so it is a good time to examine...

Montreal Mayoral Candidate Wants An NBA Franchise In The City

The NBA is not expanding anytime soon. A former Canadian Football League player who is running for mayor in Montreal, Balarama Holness, wants to get...

NBA Expansion Will Eventually Come After Business Matters Are Done

There are some business roadblocks to adding teams. At some point, in the post COVID-19 pandemic world, the National Basketball Association is going to add new...
Tampa Bay Rays,

Dombrowski Taking The Phillies Job Means No MLB Expansion Anytime Soon

MLB has at least three problems to solve. Under normal circumstances, the hiring of an out of work baseball executive to run a Major League...