Are you looking to expand your brand reach?  Whether you’re brand or service needs to grow name recognition, reach a larger client base, educate customers on a new service or to just change a marketing or promotion plan that isn’t giving you the results you’re looking for.  We can help. From content marketing to traditional advertising on our properties our business strategist will get to know you and your needs to craft the best strategy to help you reach your goals and meet your budget. The right custom dimensional designs can help you get exposure even when you’re not actively advertising.

Here are the facts:

80% Male
18-45 demo
100,000+ monthly unique visitors
295,000+ monthly pageviews
74% are college educated
Average household income $60,000
15% of Genesis Communication Brands traffic has a HHI of $100,000+

Audience Profile
Whether young or young-at-heart, our viewership is loyal, purchase-ready and influential among its peers. We call our core viewers enthusiasts. Compared to their peers, they watch more , go to more events, purchase more, and are more likely to do all of it online.

The mobile BOOM!

38% of the traffic on Genesis Communication Brands is from a mobile device.
49% use an iPhone
17% use an iPad

How much time do your viewers spend on Genesis Communication Brands?

10-minutes in the U.S.
24-minutes in the State of Florida.
43-minutes in Orlando.
37-minutes in St. Petersburg.
14-minutes in Tampa.

At the region, league or site level, we offer:
Sponsored posts and sponsored content
Interactive opportunities – polls, trivia, integrated brand messaging
Sustained and consistent branding

For CPM ad units and premium branding:
High impact branding (pushdowns, takeovers, roadblocks, reskins)
728×90 Leaderboards
300X250 Medium Rectangles

Want to see more of what we can do? Click here for examples of our work.