Saturday, December 7, 2019
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Florida News: Gambling

Atlanta’s Sports Teams Are Lobbying Georgia Politicians To Legalize Sports Betting

Trickle down economics works for sports owners   The...

Will The Senate Get A Sports Betting Bill Passed?

If at first you don't succeed. In the here we go again...

Iowa Joining The Expanding Roster Of States To Offer Sports Betting

More betting. The business of sports gambling expanded this week with...

Remember When Sports Leagues Detested Gambling?

The owners have embraced sports gambling. Remember when sports leagues were...

States Seem Not To Be In A Hurry To Legalize Sports...

The pace has slowed to a crawl.   One of the biggest sports gambling events of the year, the Men’s College Basketball Tournament is done and...

Of Brackets, Pools, Betting And Worker Productivity And College Basketball

Slacker day.   Two of the biggest days of the college basketball season are the first and second day of the NCAA tournament with sixteen games...

The Game Within ‘The Match’

Once the event began, it became clear that Tiger and Phil’s match was not really about golf.  Instead, The Match was an introduction to the sports gambling world on the biggest day it has had in America. 

NFL And Sports Gambling An Evolving Partnership

The National Football League regular season is near and there is more gambling available to consumers during the 2018 season

College Conference Commissioners’ Integrity Woes

College football remains enormously popular and that might grow as more states get into the legalized gambling game. Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey are up and going, West Virginia will start soon followed by Mississippi and Pennsylvania.

States To Sports: No Sports Gambling Fees For You

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Sports leagues are still trying to capitalize on the Supreme Court of The United States decision to legalize sports betting.
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