Thursday, August 13, 2020
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COVID-19 Continues To Play Havoc As Sports Returns To Action

The virus is calling the shots. Baseball is back which should placate baseball...

American Protests Could Complicate NHL’s Return

COVID-19 and protests. National Hockey League owners and the league’s player association have...

Does The US-Canadian Sealed Border Rule Apply To The NHL?

A two minute penalty or a major? Is hockey an essential business during...

Cinco De Mayo And Talk Of A Soccer Marriage? 

An  expanded league? It is a Covid-19 Cinco de Mayo....

Zion Williamson Has No Leverage Because Of Collective Bargaining

The draft is a strait jacket. As of now, it appears...
Tampa Bay Lightning

Sports And Weed Day

How do the leagues and players proceed? April 20th, for some...

The NBA Is Considering Fixing What Ain’t Broke

Because the NBA Popularity Is "Not" Growing. There is an old...

Montreal May Have Political Support To Build A Baseball Park

It appears that Quebec political leaders have thrown their support behind an effort to build a state of the art baseball park in an attempt to attract Major League Baseball’s interest and get a team in Montreal. Major League Baseball moved the Montreal Expos franchise to Washington after the 2004 season. 

Never Too Early To Plan Ahead For A Future World Cup

As the 2018 FIFA World Cup winds down, Tunisia sent out a reminder recently that it is never too early to plan ahead and try to get FIFA to choose you for a World Cup more than a decade away.

Is Marijuana Still A Banned Substance In Sports?

Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, Major League Soccer and the National Basketball Association do business in Canada and now the leagues have a new problem facing them.