Thursday, January 26, 2023

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Could Saudi Arabia End Up Hosting A Piece Of The 2030...

In FIFA's world, money talks. One-time National Football League Dallas Cowboys running back Duane Thomas was asked a question during the lead up to the...

Saudis Plan To Go After World Cup And Olympics

The country has the money to land both events. Somebody invented the term “sportswashing” which describes someone or some country using sports to improve a...

1980 United States Olympic Team To Get A Museum Honor

A failed political strategy. The United States Olympic and Paralympic Museum is opening in Colorado Springs, Colorado soon and there will be a tribute to...

Jimmy Carter Orders An Olympics Boycott 40 Years Ago Today

A sports failure. It was 40 years ago today that United States President Jimmy Carter ordered the American Olympic Team to boycott the 1980 Moscow, Soviet Union...

Barry Maister Thinks Calgary Residents And Other Anti-Olympics Voters Are Uninformed

Arrogance at its worst.   Barry Maister is no fan of the Calgary voters who voted against having the 2026 Winter Olympics in their town. Who...

Paris 2024 Olympics Finances Are Being Questioned

What is it about the Olympics that drives politicians and business leaders of various countries into denial when it comes to actually figuring out what hosting an Olympics really costs and how much of that debt is shoved onto taxpayers?

The IOC Needs A Political Consultant Or Two

Time for the charm offensive.   The International Olympic Committee should consider hiring some political consultants for their endless campaign of finding cities and countries who...