Friday, June 24, 2022

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Murdoch’s New York Post Claims Athletics Potential Move To Las Vegas...

The Nevada Governor And MLB Commissioner say there is nothing to the newspaper's claim. The best way to read Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post is with...

Remember the Bandits?Welcome Back, The USFL May Hit The Field In...

The Baltimore Stars would be the defending champions. For those pining for a Birmingham Stallions, Pittsburgh Maulers matchup, well that could happen in 2022. The...

Not Everyone Is Pleased With The New NFL TV Deal

The NAACP will probably seek some answers about the FOX agreement. In the pre-COVID-19 world, there would have been champagne corks popping, and slaps on...

The NFL Is Flush With Money Despite What Critics Say

The gates are swinging open for National Football League training camps as teams prepare for the 2018 season. The league is in great financial shape. The Green Bay Packers, a public company, released financial figures which showed that the league distributed $8.1 billion to teams in 2017.

AT & T Now Has A Seat At Sports Media Table

AT & T also now owns Turner Sports which includes various partnerships including Turner’s deal with the National Basketball Association and the National Collegiate Athletic Association and one of the major sports TV events, the Men’s College Basketball Tournament. 

The NFL’s Farm System, College Football, Is Losing Popularity

The National Football League's Draft depends on the college football industry which serves as a farm system or more importantly a free research and development laboratory for the 32 teams. So how is the farm system doing?

Valentine’s Day, Jack Benny’s Birthday And The Miami Marlins

In celebration of Jack Benny's birthday and his character, it's time for Miami Marlins baseball.   It’s Valentine’s Day and it’s the 114th birthday of Jack Benny,...

Winter Meetings Kick Off With Baseball Executives Hopeful About A Renewed...

looking for young people   Baseball executives are headed to Central Florida for the annual winter meetings with some optimism that baseball is going through a...

The Curious Campaign Contribution

Fred Wilpon's large campaign contribution to Andrew Cuomo has been noticed.   There was, at least to New York Post editors, a curious contribution from the...
Rupert Murdoch

Murdoch, NFL Have No Moral Core

Murdoch's FOX Sports Hires Michael Vick.   If you are looking for moral values from Rupert Murdoch, don’t bother he has none. Murdoch has spent his...