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Super Bowl Weekend: It’s Showtime For The NFL

It's more than just a game. Overture, curtain, lights this is it, the Super Bowl. It is the opening day of the new advertising campaigns...

COVID-19 Continues To Plague Sports

As the Omicron variant continues to spread, plans are changing. COVID-19 and Omicron are having a major impact on sports today and in the upcoming...

The Rose Bowl Will Be Played In Texas On Friday

Chasing money. For the first time since 1942, the Rose Bowl football game will not be played in Pasadena, California. Because of a major outbreak...

NFL Does Not Seem Concerned About A Lack Of Integrity

The games must go on! So far, the National Football League has made it through 3/4s of the 2020 COVID-19 impacted season without missing a...

The Chicago Cubs Business Plans To Launch A New Division, A...

It is only money. In 1984, President Ronald Reagan attached his signature to legislation that would change cable TV. Reagan socialized cable TV in that...

USA Gymnastics Needs A Strong Leader Not A Politician

USA Gymnastics has a credibility problem. The group never bothered to address the allegations that a team doctor, Larry Nassar, was sexually abusing some of the group’s athletes.

San Diego May Not Have A Big Arena After May 2020

San Diego is not on a National Basketball Association or National Hockey League list of potential expansion or relocation cities.