Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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Florida News: NHL Playoffs

The Indianapolis 500 May Not Even Be Memorial Day Weekend’s Biggest...

Just another sports event. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d29arKCMPXE&t=19s There is a little bit of everything...

Game Seven Thoughts

The Lightning have been at it since early October, but everything comes down to Wednesday night's game seven.  The Eastern Conference Finals are tied at three games apiece, and Tampa Bay is buzzing with excitement.

Game Six: Capitals’ Golden Chance

The Washington Capitals are playing the Pittsburgh Penguins in their franchise's most important game tonight. Yes, a team that has won the President's Trophy three times this decade, features the best goal scorer of the generation, and has played in a Stanley Cup Final before is playing their most important game in franchise history in the second round.

Rock Riley Talks Lightning With Tim Williams

The Tampa Bay Lightning moved one game closer to the Eastern Conference Semifinals on Wednesday night with their 3-1 defeat of the New Jersey Devils.  Nikita Kucherov had two goals and a controversial moment, but Sports Talk Florida's managing editor Tim Williams isn't surprised to see the Lightning wing act as his own enforcer.
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