Friday, November 15, 2019
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Florida News: World Anti-Doping Agency

Tampa Bay Lightning

Sports And Weed Day

How do the leagues and players proceed? April 20th, for some...

Will Athletes Found Guilty Of Doping Really Go To Jail?

Very few athletes go to jail for doping.   It appears China is ready to join Germany and Italy and prosecute athletes who have been tested...

Is Marijuana Still A Banned Substance In Sports?

Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, Major League Soccer and the National Basketball Association do business in Canada and now the leagues have a new problem facing them.

How Will Sports Deal With Increasing Legalization Of Marijuana?

How the numbers 4 and 2 along with 0 became a code for marijuana as in 420 friendly is shrouded in deep mystery. But how sports leagues and players’ unions handle their marijuana policies in the future is a question because pot usage slowing is being decriminalized.

North Korea In, Russia Out Of 2018 South Korea Olympics

so Kafka isn't it?   Who would have thought that the 2018 South Korea Olympics would feature a team from North Korea and not have a...

Russia Gets The Word This Week If The Country’s Athletes Go...

Decision time.   Just in case you have forgotten, it seems the Russian Olympic team could be banned from competing in the 2018 South Korea Olympics....

Russians May Not Be Eligible For 2018 Winter Olympics

Will the Russians be in South Korea? Just in case you have forgotten, it seems the Russian Olympic team may have been banned from competing...
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