UEFA Champions League Group E preview: is this the Group of Life?

The Champions League trophy will be a cross town battle betweem Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid

Group E is undeniably one of the most intriguing and captivating ones in this Champions League draw. Atletico Madrid, at first glance, would naturally be considered the favorites. However, their recent European campaigns have not lived up to their reputation. Nonetheless, they’ve shown exceptional form domestically at the start of this season, raising hopes that under the guidance of Diego Simeone, they might adopt a more attacking approach in Europe, which could make them formidable opponents for any team.

For Brendan Rodgers’ team, the path to progression is challenging but far from impossible. Lazio, despite their poor showing in Serie A with losses in their initial two games, present an opportunity for Celtic. Lazio’s woes have been further compounded by the departure of their standout midfielder, Sergej Milinkovic-Savic, during the summer transfer window. This loss significantly weakens their midfield, and they might struggle to replace his influence on the team.

Feyenoord also faces their fair share of challenges. They lost their playmaker, Orkun Kökcü, which could disrupt their rhythm. Additionally, their lack of experience in the Champions League, especially compared to the likes of Atletico Madrid, could potentially be a stumbling block. However, Feyenoord has displayed a flair for attractive, goal-scoring football, and their manager, Arne Slot, has received recognition for their achievements in European competitions.

In essence, this group’s dynamics promise a fierce competition, and while Atletico Madrid may be the front-runners, the door to progression remains open for Brendan Rodgers’ Celtic, despite Lazio’s struggles, and Feyenoord’s attacking prowess adds an exciting element to the mix. The stage is set for a thrilling battle of wits and skills as these teams vie for a coveted spot in the next stages of the Champions League.

Odds via Best Gambling Sites to win group and to qualify  

  • Atletico Madrid – 8/13 | 1/6.
  • Lazio – 10/3 | 5/6.
  • Feyenoord – 9/2 | 5/4.
  • Celtic – 8/1 | 5/2.

Predicted order of finish 

1-Atlético Madrid 




Full Champions League 2023/24 group stage schedule

(Group E matches in bold)

Matchday 1

19 September

AC Milan vs Newcastle (12:45)

Young Boys vs Leipzig (12:45)

Feyenoord vs Celtic (3:00)

Lazio vs Atlético de Madrid (3:00)

Paris vs Dortmund (3:00)

Man City vs Crvena Zvezda (3:00)

Barcelona vs Antwerp (3:00)

Shakhtar Donetsk vs Porto (3:00)

20 September

Galatasaray vs Copenhagen (12:45)

Real Madrid vs Union Berlin (12:45)

Bayern vs Man United (3:00)

Sevilla vs Lens (3:00)

Arsenal vs PSV Eindhoven (3:00)

Braga vs Napoli (3:00)

Benfica vs Salzburg (3:00)

Real Sociedad vs Inter (3:00)

Matchday 2

3 October

Union Berlin vs Braga (12:45)

Salzburg vs Real Sociedad (12:45)

Man United vs Galatasaray (3:00)

Copenhagen vs Bayern (3:00)

Lens vs Arsenal (3:00)

PSV Eindhoven vs Sevilla (3:00)

Napoli vs Real Madrid (3:00)

Inter vs Benfica (3:00)

4 October

Atlético de Madrid vs Feyenoord (12:45)

Antwerp vs Shakhtar Donetsk (12:45)

Celtic vs Lazio (3:00)

Dortmund vs Milan (3:00)

Newcastle vs Paris (3:00)

Leipzig vs Man City (3:00)

Crvena zvezda vs Young Boys (3:00)

Porto vs Barcelona (3:00)

Matchday 3

24 October

Galatasaray vs Bayern (12:45)

Inter vs Salzburg (12:45)

Man United vs Copenhagen (3:00)

Sevilla vs Arsenal (3:00)

Lens vs PSV Eindhoven (3:00)

Braga vs Real Madrid (3:00)

Union Berlin vs Napoli (3:00)

Benfica vs Real Sociedad (3:00)

25 October

Feyenoord vs Lazio (12:45)

Barcelona vs Shakhtar Donetsk (12:45)

Celtic vs Atlético de Madrid (3:00)

Paris vs Milan (3:00)

Newcastle vs Dortmund (3:00)

Leipzig vs Crvena Zvezda (3:00)

Young Boys vs Man City (3:00)

Antwerp vs Porto (3:00)

Matchday 4

7 November

Dortmund vs Newcastle (12:45)

Shakhtar Donetsk vs Barcelona (12:45)

Atlético de Madrid vs Celtic (3:00)

Lazio vs Feyenoord (3:00)

Milan vs Paris (3:00)

Man City vs Young Boys (3:00)

Crvena Zvezda vs Leipzig (3:00)

Porto vs Royal Antwerp (3:00)

8 November

Napoli vs Union Berlin (12:45)

Real Sociedad vs Benfica (12:45)

Bayern vs Galatasaray (3:00)

Copenhagen vs Man United (3:00)

Arsenal vs Sevilla (3:00)

PSV Eindhoven vs Lens (3:00)

Real Madrid vs Braga (3:00)

Salzburg vs Inter (3:00)

Matchday 5

28 November

Lazio vs Celtic (12:45)

Shakhtar Donetsk vs Antwerp (12:45)

Feyenoord vs Atlético de Madrid (3:00)

Paris vs Newcastle (3:00)

Milan vs Dortmund (3:00)

Man City vs Leipzig (3:00)

Young Boys vs Crvena Zvezda (3:00)

Barcelona vs Porto (3:00)

29 November

Galatasaray vs Man United (12:45)

Sevilla vs PSV Eindhoven (12:45)

Bayern vs Copenhagen (3:00)

Arsenal vs Lens (3:00)

Real Madrid vs Napoli (3:00)

Braga vs Union Berlin (3:00)

Benfica vs Inter (3:00)

Real Sociedad vs Salzburg (3:00)

Matchday 6

12 December

Lens vs Sevilla (12:45)

PSV Eindhoven vs Arsenal (12:45)

Man United vs Bayern (3:00)

Copenhagen vs Galatasaray (3:00)

Napoli vs Braga (3:00)

Union Berlin vs Real Madrid (3:00)

Inter vs Real Sociedad (3:00)

Salzburg vs Benfica (3:00)

13 December

Leipzig vs Young Boys (12:45)

Crvena Zvezda vs Man City (12:45)

Atlético de Madrid vs Lazio (3:00)

Celtic vs Feyenoord (3:00)

Dortmund vs Paris (3:00)

Newcastle vs Milan (3:00)

Porto vs Shakhtar Donetsk (3:00)

Antwerp vs Barcelona (3:00)