Could Germany Bid For The 2036 Summer Olympics And Celebrate The 100th Anniversary Of The Hitler Games?


Germany has had problems getting local support to host an Olympics event.

The German Olympic Sports Confederation is going around the country asking people what their opinion is about bidding to host a future Olympic and Paralympic Games event. Germany has had several problems getting people to say yes to hosting an Olympics event. Germany has hosted two Olympics that did not exactly highlight the county. The 1936 Berlin Summer Olympics or the Hitler Games and the 1972 Munich Games which was attacked by Palestinian terrorists who killed nine Israeli athletes and two Israeli coaches. That was the Olympics that American President Richard Nixon demanded to be suspended but the International Olympic Committee President Avery Brundage ignored calls to stop the 1972 Munich event and famously stated that “the games must go on”. Germany was scheduled to host the 1940 Winter Olympics but the country invaded Poland in 1939 and that ended that.

The Germany committee is calling its campaign. “Your Ideas. Your Games.” The committee has picked out five areas that it believes can host the event including Hamburg, Berlin, and Munich.

The next available Summer Olympics is in 2036 and that will be the 100th anniversary of the Hitler Games. In 2019, Berlin’s Interior Minister Andreas Geisel floated the notion that Berlin should host the 2036 Olympics with the thought that it would be a good opportunity to show how the event was used for propaganda purposes. But Germany’s Interior Minister Horst Seehofer threw cold water on the notion. “It would be unthinkable, if we did that, we would bring on an unspeakable international discussion and harm the Olympic idea. How would people see it across the world? Germany celebrating the 100-year anniversary of the Nazi Olympics?  That cannot happen.” Germany could make a run at the 2034 or the 2038 Winter Olympics but Germany hosting the Summer Olympics in 2036 might not be the smartest notion ever put forth.

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President of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach announces Brisbane as the 2032 Summer Olympics host city during the 138th IOC Session at Hotel Okura in Tokyo, Wednesday, July 21, 2021. (Toru Hanai/Pool Photo via AP)