If Hungary Bids For A Future Olympics Event, It Has One Major Fan’s Support


England’s Sebastian Coe likes Budapest’s chances despite its government.

The World Athletics President Sebastian Coe wants to see Hungary make a bid for a future Olympics. That is all fine and well until you look at the country of Hungary. Hungary is run by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and the prime minister’s policies seem to violate the foundations of the Olympic movement which seems to include language that includes inclusiveness. “The three values of Olympism are excellence, friendship and respect.” Orbán been accused by his critics of overseeing an erosion of democracy and human rights, with particular concern over his attitude towards lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning the LGBTQ+) community. That seems to be against the Olympics’ values. But Coe has no problem with Orbán because it appears the track and field 2023 World Championships that was held in Budapest was apparently successful financially and that, of course, is a major factor in any decision regarding the Olympics. It is always about money.

Coe said, “this is a World Championships city and a country with a long-term, ambitious vision for sport and legacy that goes way beyond a nine-day competition.” Coe then said Budapest put its best foot forward in the track and field event and it is time for Budapest to host the Olympics. “I can speak on behalf of track and field,” Coe said. “Of course, we have seen the highest quality of athletics performance and delivery, and this is an ambitious city and ambitious country. I have no reason to doubt that they would put up a very credible bid if it was entertained through the current bidding process of the International Olympic Committee.” The International Olympic Committee has a long history of handing out its crown jewel events to people like Russian President Vladimir Putin and giving China two Olympics. If Hungary has the money, the IOC is interested.

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Sebastian Coe