Since 1968 the University of Tampa and Florida Southern have won more D-II college world series than anyone else.


When it comes to NCAA Division II College baseball no one has dominated the sport more than Sunshine State rivals Florida Southern and the University of Tampa.  Florida Southern has won the most Division II baseball titles with nine followed by the Spartans with seven World Series titles.

In 2024 the University of Tampa has been ranked number one for every week since the start of the season and there is no reason not to think they are the favorites this season. We recommend if you have not seen a Spartans game this season be sure to put on your sports to do list.


2023*Angelo State (56-9)Kevin Brooks6-5RollinsCary, N.C.
2022*North Greenville (54-10)Landon Powell5-3Point LomaCary, N.C.
2021Wingate (39-13)Jeff Gregory 5-3Central MissouriCary, N.C.
2020Canceled due to Covid-19
2019*TampaJoe Urso3-1Colorado MesaCary, N.C.
2018*Augustana (SD) (52-9)Tim Huber3-2Columbus StateCary, N.C.
2017*West Chester (44-11)Jad Prachniak5-2UC San DiegoGrand Prairie, Texas
2016*Nova Southeastern (44-16)Greg Brown8-6MillersvilleCary, N.C.
2015Tampa (43-13)Joe Urso3-1CatawbaCary, N.C.
2014Southern Indiana (49-13)Tracy Archuleta3-2 (12)Colorado MesaCary, N.C.
2013Tampa (47-12)Joe Urso8-2Minn. St.-MankatoCary, N.C.
2012West Chester (46-10)Jad Prachniak9-0Delta StateCary, N.C.
2011West Florida (52-9)Mike Jeffcoat12-2Winona StateCary, N.C.
2010Southern Indiana (52-14)Tracy Archuleta6-4UC San DiegoCary, N.C.
2009Lynn (46-16)Rudy Garbalosa2-1Emporia StateCary, N.C.
2008*Mount Olive (58-6)Carl Lancaster6-2Ouachita BaptistSauget, Ill.
2007*Tampa (53-10)Joe Urso7-2Columbus StateMontgomery, Ala.
2006*Tampa (54-6)Joe Urso3-2 (12)Chico StateMontgomery, Ala.
2005Florida Southern (51-11)Pete Meyer12-9North FloridaMontgomery, Ala.
2004Delta State (54-11)Mike Kinnison12-8Grand Valley StateMontgomery, Ala.
2003Central Missouri (51-7Brad Hill11-4TampaMontgomery, Ala.
2002Columbus State (48-15)Greg Appleton5-3Chico StateMontgomery, Ala.
2001St. Mary’s (Texas) (50-13)Charlie Migl11-3Central MissouriMontgomery, Ala.
2000*Southeastern Oklahoma (43-12)Mike Metheny7-2Fort Hays StateMontgomery, Ala.
1999Chico State (50-17)Lindsay Meggs11-5Kennesaw StateMontgomery, Ala.
1998*Tampa (46-14)Terry Rupp6-1Kennesaw StateMontgomery, Ala.
1997*Chico State (52-11)Lindsay Meggs13-12Central OklahomaMontgomery, Ala.
1996*Kennesaw State (48-17)Mike Sansing4-0St. Joseph’s (Ind.)Montgomery, Ala.
1995*Florida Southern (51-10)Chuck Anderson15-0Georiga CollegeMontgomery, Ala.
1994Central Missouri (51-11)Dave Van Horn14-9Florida SouthernMontgomery, Ala.
1993*Tampa (43-21)Lelo Prado7-5#Cal PolyMontgomery, Ala.
1992Tampa (42-19)Lelo Prado11-8MansfieldMontgomery, Ala.
1991Jacksonville State (41-12)Rudy Abbott20-4Missouri Southern StateMontgomery, Ala.
1990Jacksonville State (43-9)Rudy Abbott12-8Cal State NorthridgeMontgomery, Ala.
1989#Cal Poly (38-25)Steve McFarland9-5New HavenMontgomery, Ala.
1988*Florida Southern (48-10)Chuck Anderson5-4 (10)Cal State SacramentoMontgomery, Ala.
1987*Troy (38-10-1)Chase Riddle7-5TampaMontgomery, Ala.
1986Troy (46-8)Chase Riddle5-0Columbus StateMontgomery, Ala.
1985*Florida Southern (48-10)Chuck Anderson15-5Cal Poly PomonaMontgomery, Ala.
1984Cal State Northridge (46-21-1)Bib Hiegert10-5Florida SouthernRiverside, Calif.
1983*Cal Poly Pomona (41-22)John Scolinos9-7Jacksonville StateRiverside, Calif.
1982*UC Riverside (36-23)Jack Smitheran10-1Florida SouthernRiverside, Calif.
1981*Florida Southern (55-8)Joe Arnold9-0Eastern IllinoisRiverside, Calif.
1980*Cal Poly Pomona (42-25-1)John Scolinos13-6New HavenRiverside, Calif.
1979Valdosta State (47-14)Tommy Thomas3-2Florida SouthernSpringfield, Ill.
1978Florida Southern (41-8)Joe Arnold7-2Delta StateSpringfield, Ill.
1977UC Riverside (43-19)Jack Smitheran4-1EckerdSpringfield, Ill.
1976Cal Poly Pomona (40-27-1)John Scolinos17-3SIU-EdwardsvilleSpringfield, Ill.
1975Florida Southern (35-10)Hal Smeltzly10-7MariettaSpringfield, Ill.
1974UC Irvine (48-8)Gary Adams14-1New OrleansSpringfield, Ill.
1973*UC Irvine (44-12)Gary Adams9-6IthacaSpringfield, Ill.
1972Florida Southern (31-6)Hal Smeltzly5-1Cal State NorthridgeSpringfield, Ill.
1971Florida Southern (34-4)Hal Smeltzly4-0Central MichiganSpringfield, Mo.
1970Cal State Northridge (41-21)Bob Hiegert2-1Nicholls StateSpringfield, Mo.
1969*Illinois State (33-5)Duffy Bass12-0Missouri StateSpringfield, Mo.
1968*Chapman (35-18)Paul Deese11-0Delta StateSpringfield, Mo.

*Indicates undefeated teams in final series

#Participation vacated by the NCAA Committee on Infractions