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What Is Happening With The USFL And XFL?

The 2023 season is not far away but little information is available about the season. It has been very quiet at the new football leagues...

Pro Football Hall Of Fame To Recognize the “Forgotten Four”

Only two of the four players "reintegrated" the NFL. The Pro Football Hall of Fame has decided to honor what it has termed the "Forgotten Four,"...

USFL Needs More Money

FOX Sports is looking for investors. The people at FOX Sports who brought the second United States Football League to life and saw it through...

USFL Survives And Plays Its Championship Game

The USFL is the first major spring football league since the original USFL to finish its inaugural season. Unlike the Alliance of American Football and...

Ohio Sports Betting Law Could Benefit Sports Owners

Pro franchise owners could get sports betting licenses. Sometime during 2022, Ohio will be open for sports betting and one of the provisions within the...

The NFL Today

The long and winding road. National Football League owners and players are about ready to meet reality. NFL training camps are scheduled to open soon...

The NFL’s COVID-19 Problems Are Just Beginning

COVID-19 is a tough opponent. The National Football League claims it will have a full season. But the first cancelation has come. The Pro...

Dear Ohio Lawmakers Please Send Us Some Taxpayers Money

In Ohio, sports lobbying groups want politicians to open the state vault and send them money helping sports organizers attract events such as the National Football League Draft in Canton at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in either 2019 or 2020.

The NFL Is Back On The Playing Field

The National Football League’s actual product, a game, will be on display in Canton, Ohio with Chicago and Baltimore on the field using many players who more than likely will end up in the Alliance of American Football in 2019.

NFL’s International Outreach Will Not Include Australia

Queensland, Australia officials want to host a National Football League game in Brisbane. Local tourism officials think an NFL game would bring in American tourists. But NFL personnel think Australia is too far away for the league to stage a regular season game.