Monday, December 4, 2023

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NCAA Begs Congress To Not Let Student-Athletes Become School Employees

The college governing body wants to maintain control over players. It must be difficult for the people who run college and university sports to watch...

NCAA May Not Get Help From Congress

The NCAA wants federal guidelines for the name, image, license issue. Evan Weiner's books are available at iTunes - Evan can be reached at

Student-Athletes Or Cannon Fodder?

College sports offers want Congress to set up rules to pay players. The Commissioner of the Southeastern Conference Greg Sankey is imploring Congress to do...

Baker Wants College Students To Bet On College Sports

There is a potential revenue stream waiting to be exploited. Attention college students, particularly those between the ages of 18 and 22 who may not...

The Business Of The NCAA Goes On

Money, money, money is what everyone wants. What is going on in the college sports industry? NCAA President Charlie Baker, the former Massachusetts governor, wants...

College Sports In Crisis? Not March Madness

The college industry is trying to sell a frightening narrative for them. . If college sports is indeed an industry in crisis, the so-called crisis will...

Retiring NCAA President Begs Congress To Enact A Federal Law To...

Dr. Mark Emmert wants to level the playing field. The outgoing National Collegiate Athletic Association President Dr. Mark Emmert was grilled by National Public Radio...

The NCAA Has A New Boss

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker starts the job in March. Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker will have a new job after his term ends on January 5th,...

Will Everett, Massachusetts Be The Next Home Of The MLS’ Revolution?

Massachusetts lawmakers are trying to pave the way for an Everett soccer stadium. Major League Soccer’s New England Revolution owner Robert Kraft may be a step...

Eight States Could Take Up Sports Gambling Legislation This Year

But it may be a difficult row to hoe for the states. Another National Football League playoff weekend is on the horizon and betting on...