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A Historic Stadium Is About Ready To Meet The Wrecking Ball

D. C. Stadium will be remembered for games, not a historic civil rights site. Washington’s D. C. Stadium, which opened in 1962 and has not been...

NFL, Bills Ownership Wait For New New York Governor

Bills ownership wants a new stadium. On August 24th, Kathy Hochul will be sworn in as the governor of New York replacing Andrew Cuomo who...

Stewart Udall Changed The NFL’s Washington’s Team Segregation Policy

A new stadium was the catalyst. February is BlackHistory Month and in 1962, there was a very significant change in NFL culturethat should be noted....

Some Overdue Changes In Washington and Landover, Maryland

Marshall ran afoul of JFK. Some sports wrongs were righted in Washington, DC and Landover,Maryland. Events DC removed a statue of one-time Washington NFL owner...

The Kennedy White House Forced The NFL To Totally Integrate

One of JFK's major civil rights victories. February is Black History Month and in 1962, there was a very significant change in...

D.C. Stadium And The Civil Rights Movement

The bully pulpit worked. Washington’s D. C. Stadium will be gone within two years but it should have been designated as a historical site defining...