Friday, June 2, 2023

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NBA Has Three Problems To Solve Before It Expands

The potential bankruptcy of regional sports networks, a new CBA and a new American national TV deal are on the table. No matter how many...

The NFL Wants More Euros And Maybe A Krona

The NFL is smitten with Europe. If you have a few million extra euro lying around and you are an entertainment promoter in France or...

Formula One Racing Ditches France

The company is focused on American markets. Formula One racing is owned by Liberty Media, which is a United States-based business, and there is a...

Sports World To Russia: Nyet!

Hockey and soccer organizations want nothing to do with Putin's  teams. If you start a war for no apparent good reason, then you should expect...

Putin Wants Sports Events Back In Russia

There is a global sports boycott of Russia. Russia's President Vladimir Putin wants international sports events in his country. The International Ice Hockey Federation pulled...

XFL III Faces A Long Road Ahead 

History suggests the XFL III will fail. The Rock, the one-time college football player turned wrestler turned actor, Dwayne Johnson, now owns the XFL along...

NBA Is Investing In Africa And Looking To Play In India

Going global.   While the National Basketball Association daily story seems to have drifted into soap opera land whether it is a storyline about LeBron James...