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September 17th: The Start Of A New Era For The LA...

A new basketball arena is coming to Inglewood, California. It is a big day in the history of the Los Angeles Clippers. It is arena...

Ballmer Not Moving His Clippers To Seattle

Inglewood will be home. Steve Ballmer owns the Los Angeles Clippers. Steve Ballmer plans to build an arena-village for his National Basketball Association franchise. Steve...

The Business That Took Place While You Were Not Looking

The business of sports business is business. In the while you were away department, there was some real sports news that was overlooked. The National...

Steve Ballmer And The Clippers Get A Big Victory

A huge victory. In some ways, it really doesn’t matter if the Los Angeles Clippers and the National Basketball Association finish out the...

Ballmer’s Clippers Arena Plan Hits A Road Block

The fight is on. The NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers on court season is over but the next game, one with far reaching...

What Is Going On At Madison Square Garden?

Here is a question worth asking. What is going on with James Dolan and his Madison Square Garden business? Dolan is apparently getting in and out of the arena and entertainment building business on one hand and yet continuing building entertainment venues on the other hand.
Nate Robinson

Clippers Owners Want California To Fast Track An Inglewood Arena

Steve Ballmer, the former Microsoft CEO and the owner of the National Basketball Association’s Los Angeles Clippers, wants a new arena for his basketball business and has decided that Inglewood, California is a great place to relocate his business.