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Is The Denver Broncos Business Worth More Than Four Billion Dollars?

The first round of bidding closes this week. Just how much money is the Denver National Football League franchise worth? The Broncos business operates in a...

Is the Denver Broncos Franchise Worth $4 Billion?

The business might be for sale. It is a rare occurrence when a National Football League team is for sale. But that appears to be...

Why Are Snyder And Wirtz Still Sports Owners?

Their businesses should be toxic but league owners have no problems with them. In December 2017, Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson fell on his sword...

The Last Time An NFL Owner Had to Leave

Daniel Snyder may follow Richardson's lead. Washington Football Team owner Daniel Snyder probably recalls the last time an NFL owner was forced to leave the...

Panthers’ Owner Under Contract to Keep Richardson Statue

While new Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper would like the focus to be on his plans for the team's future, he cannot completely put the franchise's sullied past behind him.

Dear Congress, Please Help Us With Sports Betting, Sincerely, The NFL

The National Football League plans to lobby Congress to come up with some sort of framework to perhaps regulate sports betting although it is not exactly clear what Congress can do to give the NFL want it wants. In fact, it appears the NFL doesn’t know what it wants except to protect the integrity of the NFL.

London Calling Are Expiring Lease NFL Owners Listening?

The NFL is answering   Mark Waller is of the belief that the National Football League could have a permanent franchise in London maybe as soon...

Will Charlotte Have An NFL Team In 2019? No One Knows

The lease ends in June, 2019.   The National Football League’s Carolina Panthers franchise is for sale following the owner Jerry Richardson’s decision to get rid...

The Ponderous NFL Regular Season Ends On Sunday

About those TV ratings maybe it is worth another look.   The National Football League’s regular season ends this weekend and it has been a ponderous...
NFL playoffs

Richardson’s Departure From The NFL Doesn’t Help The Shield

Cam Newton saw a different side to Jerry Richardson.   Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson fell on his sword and in doing so, probably spared National...