Sunday, February 23, 2020
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Florida News: Lyndon Johnson

Presidents Have Impact On American Sports

The results are documented. It is President’s Day. The chief executive...

Presidential Impact On Society Through Sports

There is a sports impact.   It is President’s Day. The chief executive of the United States has an impact on just about every facet of...

Jim Crow, Boycotts, DC Deals Part Of Super Bowl History

Jim Crow and the Super Bowl   The Super Bowl is an American celebration, a slice of Americana, where a football game becomes the focal point...
Super Bowl

Celebrating America’s Holiday The Super Bowl’s Roots

The countdown to the unofficial holiday has started.   The Super Bowl is an unofficial American holiday where a football game becomes the focal point of...
John F. Kennedy

Elections Have Consequences

John Kennedy's signature in 1961 changed the NFL.   It is Election Day in America and elections do have consequences. While there is nothing that directly...
Muhammad Ali

Smith, Carlos, Norman And A 1968 Sports Protest

In 1968, Muhammad Ali had his boxing license taken away because he refused to serve in the United States Military and participate in the...
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