Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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Hampton Roads, Virginia Area Politicians Want To Build An Arena

No interest from the NBA or NHL in the market.

The NBA Is Going To Play Games In India 

Another marketing opportunity. In less than three weeks, the 30 National Basketball...

Chris Hansen Forges Ahead In His Attempt To Bring The NBA...

If at first you don't succeed Mr. Hansen.... You have to...

The NBA Is Going To India To Play Pre-Season Games In...

Indian rupees are appealing.   The National Basketball Association is going to India to play pre-season games in the fall of 2019. It is the first...

NBA Says Hello How Are You To Seattle

National Basketball Association pre-season games are being played and in a sense, the pre-season is a reminder of what the National Basketball Association of the 1950s was like. Anyone willing to throw down a basketball floor could land a game.

Seattle Is A Step Closer To Getting An NHL Expansion Franchise

The Seattle City Council will say yes or no to move ahead and turn over the city owned arena to the Oak View Group for renovation.
Nate Robinson

A’s, Clippers Owners Want California To Fast Track Venue Projects

Steve Ballmer wants one, the owners of the Oakland A’s want one, they want what the owners of the Sacramento Kings and the Golden State Warriors got from California Governor Jerry Brown.

The Virginia Squires Basketball Team Remains Out Of Business

Julius Erving once played for the Virginia Squires.   It is back to the drawing board for those in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area hoping to...