Monday, October 14, 2019
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Florida News: San Diego Chargers

San Diego Has Reached The End Of Line Replacing The Chargers ...

The NFL Is Not Returning. It appears...

The NFL’s Troubles Seem To Be In The Rear View Mirror

A year ago, the National Football League’s shield was being dented. Television ratings were dropping, the concussion issue was not going away and there were protests by a number of players during the national anthem which led to people to scream and complain about players’ disrespect for the song although those same people were ignoring the issue that drove those to players to protest.

San Diego May Not Have A Big Arena After May 2020

San Diego is not on a National Basketball Association or National Hockey League list of potential expansion or relocation cities.

San Diego Is Without The NFL

Spanos's Chargers franchise resides in Carson for the time being.   For the first time since 1960, there is no pro football available in San Diego....
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