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Baltimore Is Getting A Renovated Arena

The city will not get an NBA or NHL franchise out of this. The 59-year-old Baltimore Civic Center aka Baltimore Arena is going to get...

Baltimore Arena Could Be Renovated But Neither The NBA Or NHL...

The old building does well on the concert circuit. It appears that the 59-year-old Baltimore Civic Center aka Baltimore Arena is going to get a...

Canada Is Struggling With COVID-19

Sports is being impacted. The COVID-19 news out of Canada has not been very good for the sports world and there is a question that...

The Hockey Industry Really Has Significant COVID-19 Problems

The season has hit more than a minor speed bump. The National Hockey League wants to get its 2020-2021 season underway on January 13th. The...

The Hockey Business Has Serious COVID-19 Problems

COVID-19 has not left the building. National Hockey League Commissioner Gary Bettman would like to see his business’s product, games, start on January 1st....

The NHL Has No Interest In Placing A Franchise In Saskatoon

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan elected officials are thinking about replacing the city’s current arena, the building that could have housed a National Hockey League team. 
New York Islanders

Leiweke Delivers Two Arenas To The NHL, Seattle And Long Island

Tim Leiweke delivers for the Islanders, Seattle and NHL.   The New York Islanders franchise owners along with other New York City sports moneymen have apparently...

Kennewick Voters Derail Tri-City And WHL Plans

The WHL is demanding arena improvements in Kennewick.   The Western Hockey League gets virtually no attention from the United States sports media, yet there are...