Wednesday, January 20, 2021
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Tampa Bay Lightning

There Still Is No New Arena Plan In Ottawa

No arena movement in Ottawa. The National...

Gary Bettman’s Summer Of Content

It has been a good summer. For National Hockey League Commissioner...
Tampa Bay Lightning

Ottawa May Be The NHL’s Top Problem To Solve

You say yes, I say no.   It appears that the National Hockey League’s Ottawa Senators franchise has become Commissioner Gary Bettman’s biggest problem, surpassing the...

Ottawa Might Be A Future Home For The Kanata Based Senators

It appears Senators owner Eugene Melnyk and Mayor Jim Watson have agreed to agree that perhaps the city and the owner should take a look at some municipal property in Ottawa that could be developed and include an arena for the National Hockey League team.

Seattle Remains On Track For An NHL Expansion Team

The league owners will review Seattle’s plans to operate an NHL franchise on June 20 but whether the league grants the city a conditional franchise seems to hinge on one controllable factor, the renovation of the existing 56-year-old arena and a variable, a possible lockout after the 2019- 2020 season.

It’s Party Time For The NHL In Tampa

The Icemen cometh   The National Hockey League is shutting down for three days for the All-Star Weekend corporate party, fanfest and various player competitions and...
Ottawa Senators

Jim Watson’s Attitude Cannot Be Winning Him Friends In Sports

The mayor's pocketbook is closed.   It is safe to say that Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson’s statement that “We should not be using property tax dollars to...

Melnyk’s Not So Veiled Threat To Move The Ottawa Senators

Ottawa might not be rich enough to support an NHL team.   There is a marvelous lyric in the song, If I Was A Rich Man...