Which are the most expensive Premier League clubs for soccer fans

  1. Arsenal is the least affordable expensive Premier League club to be a fan of, according to new findings. 
  2. Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool and Fulham round out the top five.   
  3. The study analyzed various costs associated with attending soccer matches, including the price of season tickets, transport, and more.   

New data has revealed the top ten most expensive Premier League clubs for soccer fans.  

The research, conducted by betting experts MegaDice.com, analyzed various costs of attending soccer matches nationwide. This includes but is not limited to, the cheapest available season tickets and the average price of a home soccer shirt.   

Arsenal comes out on top as the least affordable club for fans. Based in London, this soccer club has the highest costs associated with being a fan, including the club’s cheapest season ticket at $1206 (£974), the standard cost of a taxi at $35.30 (£28.50), and an official home t-shirt at $99.09 (£80).   

Chelsea takes the silver medal. If fans wanted to stay overnight near Stamford Bridge, it would cost an average of $405.82 (£327.68) for two adults per night; this is the priciest local stay in the Premier League. The average price of a McDonald’s meal is also the highest at $9.91 (£8), tying with Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, Fulham, Brentford and West Ham United.  

Tottenham Hotspur is the third most expensive Premier League club for fans. Located in North London, transport near Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is the most expensive, with the standard price of a taxi costing an average of $35.67 (£28.80) on a normal tariff. The club’s official home t-shirts come in at $99.08 (£80), the most expensive in the Premier League alongside Arsenal, Fulham and Manchester United.  

In fourth place is Liverpool. Based in the North West, this club has the fourth highest price for an average one-night stay in a hotel for two adults at $323.55 (£261.25), its cheapest season tickets at $865.69 (£699), and the ninth highest cost for an official home t-shirt at $92.82 (£74.95).  

In fifth place is Fulham. Here, the average price for a one-night stay for two adults is $351.52 (£283.83), the second most expensive in the Premier League. Fulham’s fans will spend $9.91 (£8) on average per McDonald’s meal when going to see a home soccer match. This is the least affordable price for a takeaway meal, tied with Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Brentford and West Ham United.  

In sixth place is Manchester United. A McDonald’s meal is the ninth most expensive at $8.53 (£6.89). The club’s official home soccer shirt comes in at $99.08 (£80), the highest amount throughout the Premier League, alongside Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, and Fulham.   

Everton is the seventh most expensive Premier League club to be a fan of. Bournemouth follows this in eighth place, and Aston Villa in ninth place. Brighton & Hove Albion rounds out the top ten most expensive Premier League clubs for fans.   

“The Premier League is the most popular sports tournament in the world,” Mega Dice spokesperson Kyle Franco said. As a landmark of Great British history stretching back to the 19th century, it’s no surprise that over 4.7 billion people tune in to watch the exhilarating 38 matches. 

“This study reveals the top ten least affordable clubs to be a fan of. To decide which clubs should make the list, all usual expenses of soccer fans were taken into consideration, from season tickets to soccer shirts and overnight stays for those seeing matches in other cities. All elements of the day were considered. 

“It’s not surprising to see the list dominated by soccer clubs from the South of England, as these locations are often associated with higher costs for overnight accommodation, transport, and food. However, thanks to winning the Premier League in 2020, clubs like Liverpool can charge higher prices for season tickets despite being in the North West.”