Arizona Coyotes Franchise President Says A New Arena Announcement Is Coming


The business claims there are multiple sites in the Phoenix area being considered.

The long saga of finding the right arena and the right spot for that arena for the National Hockey League’s Arizona Coyotes franchise could be coming to an end in a month or maybe two months. At least that is the opinion of the business’s president Xavier Gutierrez. “We know that within the next call it 60 days, there’s going to be some public announcement. We’ve committed to the NHL that we will resolve this issue by the end of the first quarter, probably by mid-season.” The NHL All-Star Game takes place on February 3rd, 2024 and that would be the mid-season point if you include a two-month playoff run.

“This is where we want to be, we want to pay for it, we don’t want to take any taxpayer dollars,” Gutierrez said. “It would be the first first time in Arizona history where we would do that and we really want to do something that’s a landmark that will have all the uses. We talked about when we proposed a site in Tempe, in terms of an arena, practice facility, hotels, restaurants, shops, and we’re excited about it.” It seems the Arizona ownership is in the same spot that it was in August when the ownership expressed interest in buying a Mesa parcel for a sports arena and entertainment district. “We’ve been very public that this is where we want to be,” Gutierrez said. “Alex Meruelo, the owner and governor, sent out a letter confirming and affirming our real commitment to being here. We are very much in the throes of looking at multiple options. You’ve talked about a Mesa site that became public but there’s multiple sites.” Those other sites have not been identified but it is thought that the Arizona ownership wants to be on the east side of Phoenix but just where and when is anybody’s guess.

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