Berlin Mayor Wants To Host The 2036 Olympics


The 2036 Olympics could celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Hitler Games.

Is the International Olympic Committee comfortable with a 100th anniversary celebration of the 1936 Berlin Summer Olympics, also known as the Hitler Olympics? It appears that Germany is planning to bid for some Olympics in the future, whether it is the 2036 Summer Olympics or the 2038 Winter Olympics and frankly the IOC needs governments to support its multibillion dollar every other year sports party. So why not have a 2036 Berlin Summer Games? At the moment, there is no German Olympic bid committee attempt at landing any event.

The mayor of Berlin, Kai Wegner, has given his support to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2036. Wegner stated Berlin is ready and that it will be an “exceptional opportunity” to present a new image of Germany to the world. In 1936, Germany wanted to present a new image of the country to the world. The Nazis tried to hide their real policy from the world although alarms did sound in the United States and elsewhere about the oppressiveness of the Nazi regime to the point where Judge Jeremiah Mahoney, the head of the AAU which was the organization that selected the American Olympic team, pushed for an American boycott of the 1936 Summer event. Just what sort of new image does Wegner have in mind? Germany is one of the most powerful countries in Europe. Does Wegner want to erase the 1936 Berlin Games, which gave Hitler a propaganda coup as 49 countries participated in that Olympics, from world history or erase the 1972 Munich Summer Games from world history? Don’t count on the IOC to do the right thing and ignore a possible 2036 Berlin Olympics bid. In 1938, it awarded the 1940 Winter Olympics which was pulled from Sapporo, Japan because of the Sino-Japanese War and awarded it to Munich after Hitler invaded Austria and Czechoslovakia.

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The Olympic Rings are displayed at the entrance of the IOC, International Olympic Committee headquarters. (Jean-Christophe Bott/Keystone via AP