Leland, North Carolina Is Playing The Stadium Game


    A stadium-village study has been conducted.

    Political and business leaders in Leland, North Carolina are looking into the possibility of building a minor league baseball stadium-village in town. Leland has a population of about 23,500 people. It is part of Brunswick County, North Carolina which has a population of about 138,000 people. But REV Entertainment is interested in building a stadium and entertainment center in Leland as part of a $2.4 billion project. Major League Baseball’s Texas Rangers franchise ownership might be interested in putting a minor league affiliate in town. A consulting firm, Baker Tilly, did an economic study and presented it to the Leland council. The cost for the 4,000-seat, 6,000-person capacity stadium would be around $59 million, plus a budget of $46 million for site preparation, infrastructure and on-site utilities. The study claimed the stadium-village could “bring about significant positive economic impacts to the region and be a major economic driver for job creation and economic output.”

    Baker Tilly presented some eye-popping numbers to elected officials. The construction of the stadium and surrounding development would generate some 29,695 temporary direct, indirect and induced jobs, generating over $5.1 billion in economic output and labor income. The construction of the stadium would generate millions in household income. How that would happen is anybody’s guess. Baker Tilly estimated property tax revenue of the development would be around $182 million over 30 years. Operating revenues generated by the stadium are estimated to be $135 million in 10 years. The stadium would seat just 4,000 people and host around 70 minor league baseball games a year. Earlier this year, Brunswick County said no to stadium plans after reviewing a stadium-village feasibility study. The stadium game in Leland, North Carolina has started.

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    Leland is playing the stadium game.