The Santa Cruz Arena Game Is Underway


It is time to replace the old arena.

It appears that Santa Cruz, California and the National Basketball Association’s Golden State Warriors’ ownership group are about ready to play the arena game in the coastal city not far from San Francisco. The Warriors’ franchise’s minor league affiliate plays in the city. In 2012, the Warriors’ ownership built the venue with Santa Cruz loaning the ownership $3.5 million to build a no-frills arena that seats about 2,500 people. It took 78 days to put up the facility. The arena was never intended to be a permanent structure but has managed to stay open for 11 years. The Warriors’ ownership is committed to remain in Santa Cruz through 2026.

Warriors’ ownership has claimed that there are other communities near the San Francisco market that would be interested in housing the G League development team. But the Warriors’ ownership has indicated that it would like to remain in Santa Cruz, which is about 75 miles south of San Francisco. Warriors’ president Chris Murphy said a new Santa Cruz arena would also host music concerts and other performance-oriented events, in addition to other athletic events. Murphy said staying in Santa Cruz is “still the goal and still a reality” in a new arena. Santa Cruz has a performance arts center but the 90-year-old building is passed over by many artists because the seating capacity is too small. A new arena would have to offer at least 4,000 seats to get big name musicians. In 2023-2024, the Santa Cruz Warriors team will play 23 home games and perhaps some playoff games. There is no plan to build an arena at the moment. How much the building will cost and how much public money that will be needed has not been discussed. Santa Cruz political leaders have acknowledged the need for a new arena. The Santa Cruz arena game is underway.

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