MLB Has Stadium Issues In Anaheim And Cucamonga


Nothing much is happening in Anaheim but Cucamonga is trying to keep its minor league team.

There is a skit from radio’s The Jack Benny Program that was first heard on January 7th, 1945, a call for passengers by voice actor Mel Blanc. “Train leaving on Track Five for Anaheim, Azusa and Cucamonga!” Major League Baseball is dealing with stadium issues in Anaheim and Cucamonga. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim owner Arte Moreno has been looking for either a new or renovated stadium for his business for years and that search has been hindered as the former mayor of Anaheim Harry Sidhu has plead guilty to obstructing an FBI corruption investigation into the $150 million sale of Angel Stadium to Moreno. “Sidhu later was recorded saying he expected a $1 million campaign contribution from the Angels after the baseball club purchased Angel Stadium,” according to the U. S. attorney’s office. In 2020, Moreno had a deal whereby he would buy the stadium and 151 acres surrounding the facility to build a stadium-village. The Anaheim city council ended the deal when Sidhu was arrested.

Rancho Cucamonga does have a minor league baseball team. But how much longer will Rancho Cucamonga play host to a Low-A, California League team? MLB is demanding an upgraded ball park in Rancho Cucamonga by 2025 or else. Rancho Cucamonga elected officials are attempting to reach a lease deal with Rancho Baseball that would include upgrades to the present stadium. But Rancho Baseball has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Ontario, California officials whereby an MLB-affiliated team can move into a new stadium in 2026. The Ontario ballpark is about 11 miles from Rancho Cucamonga. Rancho Baseball claims it wants to stay in Rancho Cucamonga and put a team in Ontario. The stadium game is on Track Five.

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Los Angeles Angels designated hitter Shohei Ohtani, right, (AP Photo/Alex Gallardo)