Experts Claim The Las Vegas Super Bowl Will Have A $1.1 Billion Impact


But how much of that estimated money stays in the community?

What is the economic impact of having the National Football League stage its crown jewel event, the Super Bowl, in Las Vegas. According to some so-called experts it will be $1.1 billion. To those experts, here is a challenge. Prove it. The experts always come up with outrageous numbers but none of it seems to be ever quantified. Just guess work. The average daily rate for a Las Vegas hotel room could be $573 between February 9th  and February 11th which coincides with when the big money people get to town for the weekend. But how much of that money will stay in Las Vegas and how much of that money goes back to a corporate office? Ere is a strange projection, 330,000 visitors will book about 350,000 room nights for the Super Bowl. That means most of the rooms will go to a single person. The city estimates that will create over $600 million in economic impact. But how much of that will go back to a home office somewhere else?

The Super Bowl attracts people but how many people are going to do shopping in the city? There are claims people drop money in stores but it doesn’t seem there are many receipts to prove it. Sure restaurants will get business, liquor establishments will get some business. Car rental places figure to get more business. Taxi drivers may get better tips. But are everyday people getting that economic impact? No. Hotel attendants will get the same salary although there could be greater tips for the people who clean rooms or park cars. People working in stores are not getting Super Bowl week bonuses. The NFL has many requirements too that are not disclosed but all of the stadium revenue could go into the NFL’s pockets. Economic impact is just a theory.

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Las Vegas, according to experts, could take in $1.1 billion hosting the Super Bowl on Sunday