Security Concerns Are Mounting In Paris Ahead Of This Summer’s Olympics


The Games are about 10 weeks away from starting.

The 2024 Paris Summer Olympics’ opening ceremony is fast approaching and there is a massive problem on the horizon. Securing the Olympics. French President Emmanuel Macron said the opening ceremony for the Paris Olympics is scheduled to take place on the Seine River but the opening ceremony could be moved to the Stade de France if the security threat is deemed too high. At the moment, France is on a high security alert ahead of the Paris Olympics and Paralympics. The opening ceremony involves boats carrying athletes along the Seine on a 3.7-mile parade with huge crowds watching from the embankments. “This opening ceremony is a world first. We can do it and we are going to do it,” said Macron. In early March, the Macron government announced plans to scale back the Paris Summer Olympics’ opening ceremonies amid growing security concerns. The initial plan had 600,000 people watching the opening ceremony.

Macron told BFM-TV and RMC that France’s law enforcement forces will be mobilized at an extremely high level of security. “But if we think there are risks, depending on our analysis of the context, we have fallback scenarios. There are plan Bs and plan Cs.” French Olympic backers think some 10,500 athletes will parade through the heart of the French capital on boats on the Seine along the route. Macron said organizers could decide to shorten the itinerary of the parade on the river and even to “repatriate the ceremony to the Stade de France” for a more conventional opening event. Macron added that he would do “everything possible” to secure safety amid concerns in Ukraine and Gaza. He has spoken to the Chinese leader Xi about securing the July Olympics. Macron said he believes Russia would try to target the Olympic games in some way. The Olympics is not just about athletic events.


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