Monday, May 23, 2022



The Beijing Olympics Has Many Political Subplots

Politics has been on display. Welcome to the 2022 Beijing Olympics where Omicron is an issue and politics is sweeping the Gold, Silver and Bronze...

Some Olympic Athletes Have Jumped The COVID-19 Vaccine Line

Olympic Teams are getting vaccinated. You probably won’t be seeing this story across the Comcast news platforms including NBC News, after all Comcast pours an awful...

The Old Sports Taboos Are Falling

Some sports taboos have fallen quickly in 2018. Sports owners, who allegedly detested legalized sports betting, are getting money from a newly found revenue source, legalized sports betting.

LIVE AUDIO & VIDEO COVERAGE – World Cup Semi Final England...

Now the 47-year-old former England international is leading the team, which plays Croatia on Wednesday in England's first World Cup semifinal in 28 years. The match is riveting the Land of Hope and Glory, which won its only title at home in 1966.

LIVE AUDIO & VIDEO COVERAGE – World Cup Semi Final France...

Belgium offers multiple threats, including the speed and trickery of forward Eden Hazard and the strength and finishing of striker Romelu Lukaku, who has scored four goals in Russia. Then there’s multitalented midfielder Kevin De Bruyne, and the heading ability of its defenders Jan Vertonghen and Vincent Kompany, and of midfielder Marouane Fellaini.