Thursday, January 21, 2021
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Laura Bassett

FIFA Head Expanded 2022 Qatar World Cup Could Ease Persian...

FIFA as peacemakers.   The president of global soccer’s governing body, FIFA, Gianni Infantino is once again trying to explain or maybe convince people that international...

Bach Blames Media For Olympics Failing To Find Host Cities

It seems the International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach is comfortable going after the news media and blaming the fourth estate for the problems that the IOC is encountering finding host cities that will gladly invest billions of dollars, euros and yen, into a two week sports pageantry that is at best a loss leader.

FIFA Erases The Word Corruption From Its Ethics Code

If a company is under investigation by authorities in the United States and Switzerland for corruption, it probably is not the smartest thing for that company to update its ethics code and remove the word corruption and add defamation to the document.

Australia Wants The 2023 Women’s Soccer World Cup For Diplomatic Reasons

money       The chase for the 2023 World Cup of women’s soccer is underway with Australia, Columbia, Japan and New Zealand thought to be among the...
Clint Dempsey

A Grand Jury Is Asking Some Questions Of Sports Organizations

Is sports on the up and up?     As the Winter Olympics competition continues, there are some huge questions that a grand jury in Brooklyn, New...
Clint Dempsey

Qatar’s World Cup Problems Worsen

Qatar will host the 2022 World Cup but the event will be much smaller in scale than originally anticipated.       In May, 2015, there was a...