SLC 2030 Winter Olympics Backers Want Sweden To Bid On Those Games


SLC backers would prefer hosting the 2034 Winter Olympics.

The backers of Salt Lake City, Utah’s 2030 Winter Olympics and Paralympics bid are welcoming a poll recently taken in Sweden that claims about 70 percent of that country’s population would like to see those games take place in Sweden. It seems highly unusual for a local bid committee to want a competitor. The Salt Lake City group has the only viable 2030 bid but the backers would prefer waiting until the 2034 Winter Olympics and Paralympics event becomes available for bidding. There are numerous reasons for that starting with corporate money availability for a Salt Lake City 2030 Winter Olympics and Paralympics. Because Los Angeles is hosting the 2028 Summer Olympics and Paralympics, there is a possibility that potential American marketing partners might not be forthcoming with big dollars because some of those companies spent a large sum of cash on the Los Angeles event.

The Salt Lake Utah Committee for the Games President Fraser Bullock said that the Swedish polling is positive news. He thinks that “Sweden should apply if a local feasibility study shows that it is possible to implement sustainable, democratic and cost-effective Games”. The Swedish committee could make a decision on a 2030 Olympics bid by July 1st. The International Olympic Committee is having problems finding a 2030 Winter Olympics and Paralympics host and Salt Lake City’s group said it would take the event if no one else steps up. Vancouver elected officials told the IOC that public money needs to go elsewhere and they were uninterested in the event, Sapporo, Japan put its 2030 bid on hold until there was a thorough investigation of alleged bribery that helped get Tokyo the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics. Switzerland decided to forgo a 2030 games bid. Cost was a factor.

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