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The Pac 12 Seems Destined For The History Books

College conferences come and go in the pursuit of TV money. The Pac 12 college sports conference is no longer recognizable and is probably headed...
Shane Langelier Doubles Oakland Wins 6th In A Row

Nevada Taxpayers Are Now Partners With MLB’s A’s Franchises

John Fisher is getting a ballpark in Las Vegas. Congratulations are in order for members of the Nevada legislature who somehow found $380 million in...

Pat Williams Still Pitching For An Orlando MLB Franchise

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Pat Williams still wants to see a Major League Baseball team in Orlando, Florida. He still...

What Happens Next In The Arizona Coyotes Saga?

Coyotes ownership and the NHL are looking for an answer. As of now, the National Hockey League still has a franchise in Tempe, Arizona and...

WNBA Still Looking To Add Teams

The league had hoped to announce expansion plans in 2022. The Women’s National Basketball Association season is about ready to underway but the league commissioner...