Thursday, December 7, 2023

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NFL Hall Of Famers Have Learned Nothing In 44 Years

The Pro Football Hall of Famers’ letter asking NFL owners to give Hall of Famers money, something to the tune of $300,000 annually and health benefits is revisiting the playbook of the 1980s, issued by the same people, that led to NFL players of that era being stranded without a long term health care plan in place.

Jerry Jones Is Concerned About Damage To The NFL Shield

Jerry Jones is worried about the NFL's image.   Another Sunday and yet another test for NFL TV ratings. It is far too early to judge...

Another NFL Sunday And Another TV Ratings Test

TV ratings and anthem dominate football talk.   Another Sunday and yet another test for NFL ratings. Hate to break this to people but TV sports...

Trump Mixes Sports And Politics

Trump alienates NFL Commissioner and NBA players. There is a large segment of the American population that does not want to mix politics with sports....

Football’s Horrible CTE News

The news could not get any worse about brain injuries for the football industry.   The absolute last thing people connected to the football industry wanted...

NFL Is Open For Business

The NFL remains widely popular and is the top sport in America. A number of National Football League teams have opened the doors and work...